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The only thing that I chicago classic swing absolutely hate when people say is “things happen for a reason.” Really? Why do they think this is comforti ng?! I definitely have issues with pithy sayings that don’t mean anything, don’t get me wrong.

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  • My brother told me a few weeks ago that after my sister passed away, my mother said, “Why did God leave Susan here and take Judy?
  • They have to rediscover the passion they once had for their artwork before the marketing side took center stage.
  • I feel as though I’m grieving my mom, my sister, and my brother all at the same time.
  • As for criteria for ‘what is art’…
  • Rigor mortis is usually complete 12 hours after death.

We take so many things for granted in life, especially time, love, and people. Although these terms apply when you’re alive, it’s still important to designate a guardian. If you have no family but have the funds to support a private guardianship, you can contact a private company to assume these duties. Once you die, the company has the responsibility of settling your estate and reporting to the court.

I Make Art Until Someone Dies

It turned out she couldn’t stay because she was sick I didnt know. Now I feel like it was my fault and I just want her to know I didnt hate her I actually kinda liked her she was good to my friend and I’m sorry. But I cant because it’s too late. My biological dad never came to our place to see us, despite my mom having no rules about keeping us away from his side of the family.

In other words I moved on with my life, I am doing AMAZING. I have nothing, except photos of him and his wedding ring.. That’s why I stopped asking for things.. Last time I helped my mum out at her work, her boss smashed my phone and said nothing. She admitted to doing it but never apologised and we had to pay for fixing it.

But when I saw he still had pictures of me and him from when I was a child and from when I graduated high school, it just set me off in a blind rage. The rational was “He wanted to leave, cool, no problem. He should’ve told us what he wanted to do instead of leaving like a thief in the night. But to try so hard to get rid of us and have the audacity to hold on to pictures of me?

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He eventually got cancer when I was 26 and held on for 4 more years. During the end… I knew death was inevitable and I wanted to mend our relationship.. I actually visited him the morning he passed.

This goes to show how badly ARt and Carl are just as bad as Ayatollas in Iran who marry 9 year old girls. The link below discusses proper bereavement expectations in the Phillipines. Why would a Filipino girl even participate in a marriage so soon after a death? It doesn’t make sense even through the perspective of her culture…

I wish I could say everything I wasn’t able to put into words back then. After the first few months people started distancing theirselves from me except for one or 2 people. My husband works alot , most weekends & alot of OT he has to because of his job so i sit here while they gather&im never invited when i mentioned once that i was told i have a husband. I lost 3 of my closest friends all in their 50s my bf right before my son died i feel like she would be here for me. Thank god i have one person who invites me over or i would never get out. I do not know what I did to be left out i really tried to work my way through the first year of Jordans death without being a burden.

He stopped showing up, would promise me he would be at my soccer game, and never showed, the list goes on and on .18 years later . He has been an alcoholic my whole life and I have just learned over time, it’s not’s him. So now im dealing with my complicated feelings of missing my mum but not being able to talk about them. Yes im married with my own adult children but it not the same and even though i had a close relationship with my Dad even he now doesnt have the time to chat. My siblings can’t wait for her to go.

Gay people don’t do double wides. They are more sniveling cult members. Michael Jackson and Charlie Manson have them, so you have to expect anyone with fame will have someone so enamored they give up their will. The whole thought that anyone is going to go after Art in the Phillipines that isn’t related to the girl is hilarious. Only Art or Ed Dames is that paranoid, so that would be my guess as to who posted it. There seem to be a few of those who are gushing over his nuptials to a child-bride.